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On top of our available collection of free downloads and digital purchases of music. We also have NFTs of select, exclusive tracks and albums which are sure to raise in value! Each purchase receives an encrypted NFT token, along with the tracks, artwork and as an added bonus a physical copy of The Deep Fried Live Sessions album featuring southern rockstars Johnny Neel, Matt Abts, George Porter Jr. and Brian Stoltz.

View our NFT Marketplace

What is a NFT?

A NFT is a Non-Fungible Token and the future of art dealing. Essentially, a NFT turns real-world and digital art, music, videos, and more into digital assets via encrypted tokens, that can create, retain and accrue value. As well as assign and track ownership to the respected buyers of original and limited works of art.

Since NFTs are digital assets, they are also traded using digital (crypto) currency. There are many kinds of blockchains used to buy and sell cryptocurrency. The most common one used in trading and buying NFTs is Ethereum.

What makes them cool?

The same thing that makes owning a Van Gogh cool. Sure we can get prints at a way more affordable cost, but owning an original copy is much more rewarding. Each NFT comes with their own assigned token which details ownership and authenticity.

Buying a NFT token can, not always, be like owning copyrights to any type of work of art. Primarily through digital arts. To this regard memes, jpegs and other digital assets can now be sold. While others can download digital files with their highest quality, they will only be recognized as a legitimate owner through NFTs AND copyrights.

How is it the future?

These tokens are everlasting, really. They will be here for generations and generations. The ownership of them can be passed along, sold, traded and more. They are also setup to continuously support the original artists, musicians and publicists. All of these things combined give the art communities a good reason to continuously push NFTs forward.

And it’s working! NFTs are being sold at an upward of millions of dollars! Just like art collecting, a valuable piece is a valuable piece. All the investments that have already been made buckled the seatbelt on what will be the future of art dealing and collecting.

There’s no better time than now to start investing in NFTs, Etherium and the like.